Riverside Injury Attorneys

The Los Angeles area is legendary for its traffic. Long before you get to the city limits, you can end up in a tremendous bottleneck as millions of motorists strive to get to work or home from work, or you can end up in a tourist column headed to Hollywood. It doesn’t really matter who is in the lanes beside you; all you know is that you are in a huge jam and have somewhere to be in a few minutes.

Whether you encounter clumps of cars on the Moreno Valley Freeway (I-215) or the Riverside Freeway (Route 91 through town), you can end up in lines of cars that suddenly stop without warning or speed away from the pack, swerving around tire treads as they go.

Within the city, Central Avenue and Magnolia Avenue have a tendency to get overloaded with vehicles at certain hours, and it’s easy to end up at the end of a long column of cars that sits squarely in an intersection as the light turns red. In that scenario, you are an easy target for a commuter in a rush trying to zoom through the green light on his side.

Any statistics on road accidents show that a greater concentration of cars=more likelihood of being involved in an accident. Riverside is one of many L.A. suburbs that have a sizeable accident rate due to the sheer volume of vehicles “sharing” its roads.

If you live in or near Riverside and have a vehicle accident, be sure to seek legal representation, even if you believe that it is not necessary. You might think your case is simple: the other driver was completely at fault and s/he and her insurance company will see it that way. However, many motorists change their mind when they realize how high their deductible is and how their insurance premiums will skyrocket after they have admitted fault. These people quickly hire a lawyer and change their statements about what occurred on the day of the wreck.

To combat that, you are going to need a qualified and skilled Riverside car accident lawyer. If you are thinking of representing yourself, think again. You won’t win any points in court for courage or chutzpah. You will simply be in a mismatch as the opposing lawyer works every angle to help his/her client, using legal terms that you have never heard of and appealing to a judge that s/he knows personally. The next thing you know, you are ordered to pay compensation rather than receive it.

Avoid that horrible scenario and call on a good Riverside car accident attorney to represent you in court. You will almost certainly get a solid return on your investment and earn the compensation that you deserve.

Getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer is important even if you feel all right after an accident. That feeling could very well change a few days later as the adrenaline wears off and your sprained neck or back begin to flare up. Then, you will realize that you could be in for months of rehab and/or operations, which will mean huge medical bills and time off at work, most of it unpaid. In short, you are going to need compensation to meet your bills in almost every accident case.

You are going to need a competent Riverside car accident attorney to battle for you and be able to meet your future medical bills and lost wages. As you look around for a skilled team of car accident lawyers, try to find one that has won large settlements for its clients, not one that fights for insurance companies.

When an insurance company calls before the case reaches court, don’t let it pressure you to accept a settlement that is probably far smaller than what you deserve. Insurance companies have some interest in your well-being, but they have much more in their own bottom line. They want to settle as cheaply as possible. That can leave you holding the bag with years of rehabilitation and surgery bills to pay for, long after the settlement has run out.

It’s easy to contact a Riverside car accident attorney for a consultation. As you prepare for your appointment, compile all of your expenses and correspondence and gather any photos of the accident scene and your damaged vehicle. With these resources, your Riverside car accident attorney will be able to construct a case that keeps your accident from becoming a larger nightmare than it needs to be!



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